-s- is transformed into an animal

Recently Mistress and -s- discovered an incredible site on Tumblr called The Bluestar Plantation. It purports to be a private farm in England in which people are kept, consensually, not merely as slaves, but as livestock. They are assigned livestock names along with their TSR numbers, and are out to work tending to the buildings and the crops on the farm. They are fed from a communal trough, they sleep in pens under the main house and punishments for transgressions are severe – whippings and crucifixions, mainly. These slaves are referred to as animals, and each has a profile with body measurements and even sale value.

Each slave is there voluntarily, most arriving on Friday evening and staying the weekend. They have to complete a rigorous 18-page application form and undergo at least two interviews before being allowed onto the farm. In addition to their manual labour, the slaves are “mated” in all gender combinations for the entertainment and spectacle of the Master and His invited guests.

Wow! -s- was so excited to discover this site. Mistress has a hard time believing it is real, however -s- believes strongly that it exists, simply because the are so many people out there who would love to exist in this manner, -s- included.

The offshoot for Mistress and -s- was the transition in our household to livestock status for -s-. Firstly, -s- is now referred to as “it” in all texted communications. it eats whenever possible from a dog bowl and is forbidden to use furniture unless vanilla people are present. When “work” time is over, and if no outdoor trips are warranted, -s- is locked into paws and its dog mask/hood (and nothing else) for an afternoon of animal servitude. Similarly, if Mistress goes shopping by herself or with friends, -s- is again placed into paws and dog hood (and nothing else) and is given it the run of the house. This is an excellent way for -s- to remain locked up yet still have access to the bathroom. it cannot feed itself, however, and of course computers and phones are both forbidden and impossible to use with paws on.

This has created an amazing new level of headspace, in which -s- happily resides, and would stay permanently if possible.