Advice from a 24/7 house slave to others contemplating this lifestyle

by 70thblaze

i am a slave. i have been one now, serving the same Owner for almost 2 years. It has been a few months since i last posted here on WordPress, but in all of this time i have lived as a the owned property of my Mistress. i have no access to money, i obey every command regardless of how i feel about it, i wear no clothes, i eat off the floor and i crawl, with my head always low and my eyes downcast. i ask permission for everything, even to use the washroom, and even when company is present.

i say all this to prove two key points. First living as a 24/7 slave is possible and second, it doesn’t always look like it does on the fetish sites. As a writer and a business owner, there are many times when the vanilla world intrudes. i must shop for groceries with my Mistress, i must go to meet clients, and i must mow the lawn. All of these things, and more, i must do in the guise of a vanilla free-person.

Sometimes Mistress and i must use coded terms to talk. Sometimes Her ownership of me seems to fade completely. In fact, there are many times when She prefers to sweep the floor or wash the dishes Herself; She likes to feel busy, and She likes to do things, even though the vanilla me would consider these things to be menial. But i am owned, and i own nothing. When i travel into town, and out of Mistress’s sight, i must report in by text every 15 minutes. When i return to the house i must strip at the front door and crawl. When i am working from home, and Mistress enters the room after more than 10 minutes absence i must immediately move from my chair and kiss her feet. When She wishes to talk to me i must adopt the pose of a dog, four on the floor. i am fed that way too. i recite my slave’s oath every morning, and i chain myself to Mistress’s bed every night.

Sometimes it is up to me to initiate these things, which is a concept i had trouble with at first.  i had always thought that a slave should only exist to be commanded,and without command the slave did not exist. But this slave has learned that it had to be conditioned, like the dog that it is, to act in a certain way without necessarily being told. So to be a slave means to actually initiate certain actions of servitude while also responding to commands in the more traditional fashion. Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that one’s freewill has been truly been replaced by conditioned response.

slave contemplating its wrongdoings

slave contemplating its wrongdoings

This does not meat to say that i exist without punishment. i regularly recieve 2 or more painful stokes from the wooden spoon for every error that i commit, yet it may me up to me to bring the spoon to Mistress for the punishment. At other times i have been locked away for an hour or two to contemplate my missteps, or simply to be placed out of Mistress’s hair for a while. The cage, pictured, is a relatively new storage device for slave, located far out of earshot in a tool shed at the back of the yard.

As we come up to our second anniversary as Owner and slave, i am happy as i could possibly be, living a life of servitude and humiliation. I could conceive of no better counterpoint to my reasonably successful and independent professional life, than to exist privately as a voiceless possession of another.

If i were to be asked to offer advice to other couples contemplating a serious and deep Owner/slave relationship, it would  come down to one word: consistency: There are times when being an Owner or a slave may seem inappropriate, for example when discussing money issues when either person is in a bad or worried mood. That is when the threads of the D/s relationship threaten to break, but that is when the behaviour and the mindset behind it must stay intact. Mistress and i have even had “couple’s” arguments during which time i have had to make my case while securely chained to the bed, or while crouching naked at Mistress’s feet. But that will be what both parties need, in order to reinforce the genuine character of this special relationship: a sense of absolute control on the part of the owner and a sense of absolute submission on the part of the slave, come what may. This gives both parties something reliable and concrete to turn to when insecurities and fears abound, and as such the D/s dynamic becomes the backbone of the life being lived together