The Singular Focus of Being a Dog

by 70thblaze

Puppy play is a particularly intense kink in which a sub lives and acts like a dog. The actions of a “puppy” range from the obvious – moving around on all fours and being petted behind the ear, to more graphic elements: sleeping on a blanket at the foot of Master’s bed, or in a cage, to what i would consider the most intense elements: wearing dog-like hoods and paws and living without speech or the capacity to feed or care for oneself without human help.

It is, of course, this last category that this slave loves most. The vanilla side of me loves to study the psychology behind puppy play – there is more than one case, for example, of a partner in a relationship, who became so tired of the human world (news, bills, work, etc.) that he effectively “retired” to become his partner’s dog – kept, fed and cared for, for the rest of his life, giving up his human attributes and literally curling up at his Master’s feet. Pretty good deal, i think.

i love puppy play, and Mistress is kind enough to weave some of its elements into our 24/7 lifestyle. For example i sleep chained every night, a strong leather collar around my neck, fastened by 12 inches of chain to the headboard of the bed. It is not so much that i might run away (i never would) but the fact that Mistress has total control over my freedom. i cannot leave our bed until she decides i can. i am also forbidden to sleep under the covers until she says so. i must sleep, chained by the neck, curled into a ball besides Mistress’s sleeping form. By 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. things become quite chilly and it only takes a little rattling of my chain to get Mistress to allow me to crawl under the warm covers, but just like a real dog, i never know what i might be allowed until it actually happens.

i am forbidden to speak human words until Mistress allows me; that means that every morning when i wake up beside her, i must either raise my hand/paw until she recognizes me and allows me to ask a question, or i must stay in desperate silence until she decrees that i may speak. To be both mute and chained is a heady experience, and on certain days Mistress continues this rule well into the day, so that i must spend our morning and beyond either totally silent, or submissively raising my hand every time i wish to speak.

The most intense puppy experience for this slave, however, has to be the kennel and the earplugs. We have a small alcove under the stairs (much like Harry Potter in his first movie), except ours has a sturdy gate built out of 2 x 4’s. Whenever Mistress decides she has had enough of me, she throws me into the kennel and locks the gate. i sit, caged with nothing to do but wait.

Recently we decided to raise the ante by adding sensory deprivation to the mix. Mistress had me insert foam construction earplugs into my ears. She then blindfolded me using a long elastic bandage wrapped several times around my head, and lastly attached my paws, which rendered my hands totally useless. i was then commanded to enter the kennel where i stayed for a couple of hours, alone, isolated and helpless.

What made this most amazing was the earplugs. Locked in a cage, as i was, with a blindfold on, i could see nothing. When a person is in a position such as that, they tend to rely on hearing for any clues as to what is happening, and when release might be at hand. When hearing is impeded by earplugs which are impossible to remove, the world becomes a very focused and singular place.

i was able to discover the true essence of dogdom in this state, when Mistress finally chose to release me from my cage. Out of the dark silence i heard a faint voice. “Come,” Mistress barked. That word, that single word became the essence of my existence. I lived now only for her voice, for Her commands, since they were the only items able to penetrate the darkness in which i sat. “Move forward,” she instructed, “sit,” ”stay.” All of these commands entered my consciousness as the only signals available to me, and it was at that point that i felt that understood what dogs truly feel. For although most dogs can see and hear quite well, their life revolves around the commands of their Master. Even with all their senses on “full,” a dog is lost without the command, leadership  and guidance of a master or a pack leader.

As a chained and collared slave that lives for ownership and the command of his Mistress, to be isolated in a tunnel in which the only signal was Her sharp, stern word truly demonstrated that power structure upon which the entire relationship was based. i lived for her next word and nothing else mattered. And so it should always be.