Power Exchange In Plain Sight.

Advice from a 24/7 house slave to others contemplating this lifestyle

i am a slave. i have been one now, serving the same Owner for almost 2 years. It has been a few months since i last posted here on WordPress, but in all of this time i have lived as a the owned property of my Mistress. i have no access to money, i obey every command regardless of how i feel about it, i wear no clothes, i eat off the floor and i crawl, with my head always low and my eyes downcast. i ask permission for everything, even to use the washroom, and even when company is present.

i say all this to prove two key points. First living as a 24/7 slave is possible and second, it doesn’t always look like it does on the fetish sites. As a writer and a business owner, there are many times when the vanilla world intrudes. i must shop for groceries with my Mistress, i must go to meet clients, and i must mow the lawn. All of these things, and more, i must do in the guise of a vanilla free-person.

Sometimes Mistress and i must use coded terms to talk. Sometimes Her ownership of me seems to fade completely. In fact, there are many times when She prefers to sweep the floor or wash the dishes Herself; She likes to feel busy, and She likes to do things, even though the vanilla me would consider these things to be menial. But i am owned, and i own nothing. When i travel into town, and out of Mistress’s sight, i must report in by text every 15 minutes. When i return to the house i must strip at the front door and crawl. When i am working from home, and Mistress enters the room after more than 10 minutes absence i must immediately move from my chair and kiss her feet. When She wishes to talk to me i must adopt the pose of a dog, four on the floor. i am fed that way too. i recite my slave’s oath every morning, and i chain myself to Mistress’s bed every night.

Sometimes it is up to me to initiate these things, which is a concept i had trouble with at first.  i had always thought that a slave should only exist to be commanded,and without command the slave did not exist. But this slave has learned that it had to be conditioned, like the dog that it is, to act in a certain way without necessarily being told. So to be a slave means to actually initiate certain actions of servitude while also responding to commands in the more traditional fashion. Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that one’s freewill has been truly been replaced by conditioned response.

slave contemplating its wrongdoings

slave contemplating its wrongdoings

This does not meat to say that i exist without punishment. i regularly recieve 2 or more painful stokes from the wooden spoon for every error that i commit, yet it may me up to me to bring the spoon to Mistress for the punishment. At other times i have been locked away for an hour or two to contemplate my missteps, or simply to be placed out of Mistress’s hair for a while. The cage, pictured, is a relatively new storage device for slave, located far out of earshot in a tool shed at the back of the yard.

As we come up to our second anniversary as Owner and slave, i am happy as i could possibly be, living a life of servitude and humiliation. I could conceive of no better counterpoint to my reasonably successful and independent professional life, than to exist privately as a voiceless possession of another.

If i were to be asked to offer advice to other couples contemplating a serious and deep Owner/slave relationship, it would  come down to one word: consistency: There are times when being an Owner or a slave may seem inappropriate, for example when discussing money issues when either person is in a bad or worried mood. That is when the threads of the D/s relationship threaten to break, but that is when the behaviour and the mindset behind it must stay intact. Mistress and i have even had “couple’s” arguments during which time i have had to make my case while securely chained to the bed, or while crouching naked at Mistress’s feet. But that will be what both parties need, in order to reinforce the genuine character of this special relationship: a sense of absolute control on the part of the owner and a sense of absolute submission on the part of the slave, come what may. This gives both parties something reliable and concrete to turn to when insecurities and fears abound, and as such the D/s dynamic becomes the backbone of the life being lived together



Look into the eyes of the one who holds the keys

Are you going to beg, slave? Make it good...

Are you going to beg, slave? Make it good…

To this slave, one of the most fascinating elements of being consensually chained or tied up is talking to people who are not tied up. The sensual pleasure of having one’s arms and legs immobilized by cuffs, chains or scarves is certainly intoxicating in itself – the sudden inability to defend oneself goes against the very instincts of life itself. But in this animal slave’s mind, nothing comes close to the sensation of looking into the eyes of the person who has complete power over you.

Whether this person is your owner, or merely a party guest, as you stare helplessly into their eyes, you look at someone who has the physical power to release you, or torture you, or simply walk away.

They look at you like they would a fish in a tank, a tiny, helpless being, subject to powers beyond its own control; trapped within fixed boundaries, entirely dependent in help for the outside.

In the right situations, e.g. when the free person is into this type of scene, the look is a mixture: their pupils are slightly dilated from sexual excitement, especially when you as the prisoner are both bound and naked, but there is also the comically condescending slant of the expression as in “aww, poor little helpless animal, you look so cute trapped under my thumb like this.”

There is a mute meeting of minds. If the prisoner is gagged, the communication happens entirely through eye contact. If the prisoner is hooded or blindfolded, the desperate contact comes from frantic jerks of the head as it struggles to hear every sound, and interpret every nuance.

But for this slave at least, the true essence of this power relationship comes when the prisoner can both hear and see, for then, the prisoner and the free person are equals, in every sense but one. This magnifies, not reduces, the sense of helplessness because even with the power to shout, plead or swear, the difference between the two people involved is obvious and complete.

This slave remembers a time in particular when it was chained to the bed by feet and collar, but with the extra challenge of having its hands cuffed above its head. Anyone who has been in a position like this knows that after a short period of time, the pain of immobility sets in. The human body, after all, is designed to be in constant motion, even during sleep. So when Mistress says She is going out for coffee, a genuine fear sets in – the fear of being truly alone, helpless and immobile. There is a particular tone in Mistress’s voice when She threatens this. It’s a sweet sadism. She has the power to leave, to go out of earshot, at which point the slave is truly on its own to manage its fear and pain alone. This moment, when She is preparing to leave, this slave is unsure. Will She actually go this time? What if She does? What then? Is She bluffing?

Slave’s own voice changes tone. The bravado of moments earlier is replaced by serious pleading. Chains and cuffs feel extremely unforgiving at this point. There are no knots to work at. There is zero chance of escape. No backup plan.

This is when Her voice hits that deliciously patronizing tone. Mistress relishes this dynamic of absolute power, highlighted, like tastefully-applied makeup, by the colourful hints of Her slave’s genuine fear.

Working from Home in a Genital Cuff

On the days that Mistress and -s- are at home together during the day, the house rules apply, which mean that slave must be completely naked except for its permanent collar and its leg cuffs. -s- must of course crawl on all fours, and kiss Mistress’s feet whenever She re-enters the room after an absence of more than five minutes.

Today, however, -s- was feeling particularly frisky and unable to keep its mind on its work. Mistress decided a little more discipline was required, so She commanded -s- to fetch the handcuffs from our black bag of toys. -s- had thought handcuffs were only good for wrists – silly boy. Mistress did not wish -s-‘s hands to be immobilized since they were needed to get its work done.

Mistress commanded slave to turn its chair around in order to be able straddle it. Before sitting down, Mistress instructed -s- to place one bracelet of the handcuffs around the base of its genitals as would be done with the anchor ring of a chastity device. -s- was surprised as to how easy this was to do. -s- closed the cuff as tightly as possible around itself, leaving the other bracelet free. Mistress silently pointed at the vertical wooden slats of the chair. slave understood that it was to attach the other bracelet of the handcuffs to those slats.

slave was amazed at the sensation. it sat there, naked on a backwards chair, with its genitals locked tightly to the chair with cold steel. it was not able to move in any direction, certainly not to get up and move around.

Mistress was amused by this predicament, and watched -s- for a few moments before choosing to leave the room and wash Her hair.

-s- sat for a period of two hours in this position, unable to move, forced instead to focus on its work while all the while remaining aroused to a point of distraction and near madness.

Mistress told -s- she enjoyed seeing -s- in this incredibly humbling and pathetic position, and has confirmed that slave may expect more of the same on future work-at-home days.

A slave is nothing

It's a long way home from Downtown when you have no money and no phone.

It’s a long way home from Downtown when you have no money and no phone.

Many blogs and Twitter posts focus on the sexual element of the 24-7 D/s relationship. As much fun as that is, this slave also finds great delight and satisfaction in its role in the non-sexual areas of life in which its position as a servant, pet and possession are front and center in even the smallest of tasks, such as fetching Mistress’s glasses from the bedroom. This slave revels in its humble role as a voiceless entity with no rights of its own. It positively leaps for joy when it hears its Mistress summon it with words such as “slave” or “male” or “boy,” and the fewer words used in a command, the more exciting they are. One-word commands are by far the most exciting, with “sit” and “stay” giving -s- the greatest thrills, especially when out in public.

The nothingness of being a slave is one of its most rewarding elements. As this slave has mentioned in previous posts, it is forbidden to hold a bank account, handle money, or use a phone.

One of the most poignant demonstrations of its nothingness, of its complete ownership by its Mistress, happens when She takes it out for a walk into the city. Recently we went to a concert. As we always do, Mistress takes -s-‘s wallet, its iPhone and the housekeys. She hands -s- just enough money to take the subway in one direction. Basically then, this slave walks only with the clothes on its back. If it were to become separated from Mistress somehow, it would have no way to reach Her. Nor would it have any way to get back home except to walk a long, long way.

Similarly, when we walk locally in our neighborhood, slave is expected to stand outside the store while Mistress shops, keeping company with the other dogs, the four-legged kind, as we all stare into the plate-glass windows, and maybe whimper a little bit.

It amuses or perplexes vanilla people when they see -s- hand the iPad or iPhone over to Mistress to unlock it, for -s- has no access to any passwords, and can only use these devices with Her permission. Similarly, we employ discreet methods by which -s- asks for permission to use the washroom, the way it stands and waits until summoned, and the way in which it walks a step behind Mistress, that is until a door must be opened for Her.

This slave enjoys being nothing. As a vanilla person it has no esteem issues or childhood traumas that have led to this mindset. It is completely voluntary (or at least it was until the contract was signed with its own blood).

Yes, these concepts might not be as titillating as seeing someone locked in a cage or wearing a leather hood (we have those too), but what Mistress has done for -s- is to give it a life of unending  mental and emotional stimulation by treating it as it always wanted to be: both a treasured possession and a worthless non-entity at the same time.

slave loves its Mistress eternally.

Slave for rent

For RentOn Saturday night, while we were eating dinner, Mistress comfortably at the table, with candles, wine and silverware, and her slave, curled at Her feet, naked, eating cubes of bread and baloney from its blue plastic dog bowl (no paws allowed), She commanded -s- to fetch the contract, our five-page document outlining the terms of its enslavement. She read the contract out loud, which was unusual, since this is usually done on the 19th of each month – the anniversary of the collaring. We had a nice evening, and -s- was allowed to sleep in Her bed, warm under the covers, chained by the neck and ankles as usual, and as usual in a condition of agonizing chastity.

On Sunday morning, -s- was instructed to dress, and to deliver a sealed envelope to Mistress’s friend, who lived across town. As usual, -s- was given only enough bus fare for a one-way trip. Also as usual, -s- was commanded to report in every 15 minutes by text, even though Mistress had activated the tracker app which allowed Her to monitor -s-‘s travels online.

-s- did as commanded and arrived at its destination a little after 10:00 a.m. Mistress’s friend received -s- but commanded it to wait in the foyer while she read the letter. This slave was waiting patiently at in the front hallway, standing human-style, as was expected in the vanilla world. But instead of receiving bus fare to return to its Owner, -s- was instructed to listen as Mistress’s friend read the letter.

The letter was an agreement of rental. This slave had been rented out by its Mistress for the sum of $100 for the day, already paid by electronic funds transfer, to perform any and all tasks commanded except those of a sexual nature, since Mistress does not desire to share Her property in that particular way.

-s- must confess to being a little shocked, not ever having revealed its status as a full-time slave to anyone. it was commanded to remove all clothing and to crawl on all fours, just like at home.

-s-‘s day consisted of housework mostly. Washing dishes and the floor, while its temporary owner, who now called herself Miss F., struck its backside with a metal ruler any time it faltered or begged to ask a question.

Miss F. commanded that -s- clean her bathroom, including the toilet, with a rag that -s- had to hold in its mouth.

At lunchtime, -s- was fed leftover rice, cold, which was poured directly on the floor. It was evident that Miss F. either had prior experience as a Domme, or had great instincts for domination. Rice is very difficult to eat, and when -s- dared to use its paw, it was soundly slapped on the rear. -s- had to resort to licking the tiles to finish every scrap, as it had been commanded to do.

Given that Miss F. had neglected to mention how long this period of ownership would be, -s- was becoming worried as to what would befall it, however, it felt the same bizarre detachment that it has often experienced when left tightly bound for hours on end by its true Mistress – a fatalism that this situation is how it is to be.

Miss F. took particular delight in watching -s- urinate, specifically because She instructed it to squat over a cat litter box, and to meet Her gaze for the whole time – and this was the only occasion when -s- was actually allowed to look Her in the eye. Once completed, -s- had to dispose of the litter of course and give the cleaned box back to the cat.

-s- put in six hours of work, vigorously scrubbing, washing, vacuuming dusting and tidying the garage, wearing nothing more than a pair of boots for the garage work.

At 4:30, -s- was given its clothes back along with two-thirds of the required bus fare. This was done, She said, to keep -s- fearful for longer, since, if the bus driver denied it access, -s- would have to walk home.

Fortunately, -s- was able to board the bus, and it returned to its proper Owner in time to prepare Her supper.

What was fascinating about this experience was the notion once again that slavery need not be sexual; this entire episode dealt solely with reinforcing slave’s position as mere chattel with no voice of its own. There was no sex, merely obeisance. Secondly, -s- has no idea whether this rental scenario will happen again. Mistress might see this as a revenue opportunity – a way for an unworthy slave to earn its keep. For now it is back at home, safely under lock and key, but this slave has now learned that its usefulness extends beyond the relative safety of Mistress’s gaze.

The Invisible Power of Total Ownership

Living all day, every day as a slave.

Living all day, every day as a slave.

Tonight Mistress allowed her slave to troll Twitter for a while, which is a reward she bestows upon it in small measures of fifteen minutes for good behaviour such as cleaning the kitchen perfectly after dinner, and remembering to vacuum. Things are not always so comfy for slave. If slave misses a single crumb on the table, it receives on stroke of the wooden spoon. Every stroke must be remembered by slave, who must remind Mistress as to the tally at the end of the night and must then beg Mistress for her to beat its backside accordingly. If slave misses a stray ball of dog fur – a dust bunny – it must carry said object to the trash in its mouth.

Mistress is particular about Her house being clean, and slave must sweep daily, as well as dust. Dusting is particularly difficult, because, as a male, dust is particularly hard to see. Most males whether free or owned, cannot see dust, but in Mistress’s house, the slightest oversight results in more pain. slave sweeps naked, with the locks on its ankle cuffs acting in a humiliating way like bells, always alerting Mistress to slave’s whereabouts and forbidding any unauthorized movement.

To this slave, this is the most exiting element of true ownership: knowing one is owned and is without power. On the rare times that Mistress and slave peruse the postings on Twitter and elsewhere, we see lots of bondage sex: men and women tied up and usually forced into sexual situations. Those are exciting of course – we are the furthest thing from prudes – but in a way this appears as window dressing. More exciting to us is the infrequent discovery of a true slave, either male or female, who has totally given itself over to strict ownership that moves beyond the bedroom (or dungeon) and has taken over every aspect of waking and sleeping existence.

In our case, for example, now that this slave has been mostly trained, it never reaches for its phone. it asks permission to touch it. The phone, as well as slave’s wallet and keys are never referred to as “mine,” they are just the phone, the wallet and the keys, all part of Mistress’s holdings.

In fact this slave never travels with money. If Mistress were to so inclined, slave would have to walk home. it does not even have change for the bus.

This slave opens every door for Mistress. it leaps to kiss Her feet after an absence of five minutes or more. it asks to use the bathroom, even when vanilla company is present, and must ask for Mistress to unlock any computer it wishes to use.

When we dine out, slave doesn’t use a menu. it excuses itself to use the bathroom (again with permission), and does not find out what Mistress has ordered for it until the food arrives.

The list goes on and on. This slave loves its Owner completely and helplessly. it would do anything for Her, but it also enjoys knowing She holds the keys to everything it does, including, of course, periods of enforced chastity, and the ban on the use of hot water for its showers.

Mistress does not even need to check any more. slave will not cheat on any of these rules, because to cheat on a rule would be to cheat on the relationship. slave has accepted its place as an animal, as chattel, as a mere possession, subject to the whims and moods of its Owner.

it is learning not to question any decision she makes, and slave is often surprised by the degree to which absolute obeisance becomes second nature. Much like the locked collar it wears around its neck, total ownership has become part of its body and soul. It just is.

There are no chains stronger than my Mistress’s words, no whip that can outdo the power of Her glare.

Yes, we enjoy the toys, the leather and the chains. Yes, She has Her initials carved on my backside (refreshed every 6 weeks), and yes, sex is great when one is nothing but a dog-shaped fucktoy for Her delight, but still, after 18 months, the greatest pleasure of all is knowing that there is a lock on this slave’s life. Every word, action and thought exists only for Her pleasure, and this slave’s place is on the floor, as an object, begging only for the privilege of licking the sole of her boots.

Chastity and Chains

Slave -s-'s sleeping collar.

Slave’s night-time attire.

So the chastity torture continues. Mistress and -s- discovered the fascinating world of enforced chastity recently and She immediately and enthusiastically placed -s- under a sentence of absolute chastity with no end date.

She has decided for the moment to forgo any lockable devices such as the CB6000, which we found intriguing but expensive. Our chastity relationship is based entirely on the power of Her command. -s- is forbidden to touch itself, and to disobey this command would be to dishonour the entire Owner-slave relationship, something -s- would never do. (Actually -s- has always been forbidden to touch itself, and has always honoured this rule, but with sex now removed from the equation, it was necessary to reaffirm its obligations).

However, as a perpetually aroused male, this poses some problems. The first is how difficult it is to concentrate. Robin Williams was right. Man was born with a brain and a penis but only enough blood to operate one at a time. Penis wins every time.

-s- has written about the delicious agony of chastity before, but it has noticed now just how important its nightly chaining ritual has become.

Every evening, -s- waits naked on hands and knees for permission to come into Mistress’s bed. Once permission has been granted, -s- kisses Mistress, and then attaches itself, tying its leg cuffs together and then to the foot of the bed and securing the permanently affixed collar and chain to its neck. We discovered long ago that -s- can sleep well in this fashion. All it needs is the ability to turn once or twice during the night and for its hands to remain unbound. Mistress graciously accommodates this need, which provides a good night’s sleep for both of us. -s- is also under strict orders not to speak while in Mistress’s bed, and must answer all questions with grunts only.

However, with the advent of enforced chastity, slave’s more base animal instincts are starting to appear. Unable to obtain sexual release, it is becoming more desperate, and finds it difficult to lie still next to its beautiful Owner. It is a very exciting feeling to tug at the collar chain, and to realize just how little lateral movement -s- has been allowed. The sound of the chain clanking against the headboard and the tightness of both collar and cuffs make -s- tug and thrash pathetically, immobilized as it is, at either end. The prohibition of speech means that it must express its frustration through animal grunts alone, and Mistress seems to enjoy this greatly. She often places her body just out of reach and teases -s- with Her hands and Her words.

-s- would like to leap on top of Mistress and take her aggressively yet with great love, however it cannot move nor can it express these feelings. It retreats, cowed by the sharp command from Mistress to settle down and go to sleep.

Although -s- can survive through the day on just the honour system alone, there is something about the night that makes it wild. It struggles nightly against its bonds, and accepts once again its fate as Mistress’s plaything with no rights of its own.

The furthering of this slave’s sub-human status

Mistress and -s- recently celebrated the three-month anniversary of -s-‘s collaring, as well as almost eighteen months in our full 24/7 owned-slave relationship.

We have become very used to actions that at first were novel, for example:

  • -s- eating from a bowl on the floor with no utensils
  • -s- being forbidden to sit on human furniture
  • -s- having no access to money, house keys, etc.
  • -s- doing all housework that must pass inspection
  • -s- existing in a state of enforced chastity
  • -s- receiving regular strokes from the wooden spoon

and much, much more.

Mistress found, however, that at certain times our lives tend to drift back to vanilla. It’s inevitable when company is present, but even then we have our discrete protocols. But She discovered that evenings were becoming a challenge due to the fact that -s- spent its evening writing (-s- is a writer by profession), while Mistress watched TV or did other things. Mistress felt that such behaviour “raised” us both back into a vanilla existence, which made it hard for Her to return quickly to a dark mindset.

-s- is blogging about this now because it has seen many discussions online that question whether it is truly possible for a couple to exist long-term in a complete and thorough owned-slave relationship, and this slave is here to say “yes, it is possible, but constant supervision is required.”

What -s- has learned reflects the general gender divide once again. Since -s- as a male, lives in a state of constant arousal, further enhanced by its current condition of chastity, -s- finds it easy to stay dark all the time, and as such unconsciously expects the same from Mistress. However, Mistress finds it difficult to move back to darkness so quickly.

The solution for us is simple and severe. -s-‘s writing privileges for the evenings have been revoked. As a proper slave-dog should, -s- is now only allowed to sit at Mistress’s feet paying closer physical attention to her, and essentially staying virtually chained for the evening, no longer allowed to do anything that is vanilla or selfish. This is a very exciting development in our respective evolution as Mistress and slave, especially given -s-‘s constant need to be active, by writing, playing music, etc. It must now sit still for hours, focused only on the needs of its Owner.

In addition, we have adopted a policy of third-person language for -s-, in that -s- must no longer use the pronoun “I” when referring to itself, or “you” when addressing Mistress. Everything now has become more cumbersome, as in “shall slave fetch coffee for Mistress?” This makes conversation more difficult for -s-, in a sense hobbling it verbally, and therefore serves as yet another reminder of its sub-human status. First person grammar is only for free people to use.

These two new developments are exciting twists in a long and successful relationship, that renews every morning with slave’s recitation of its oath, and lasts all day and even through the night while -s- lies chained by its collar to the headboard. Long-term consensual slavery is indeed possible, but it takes work. This slave considers itself extremely lucky to be owned by such a beautiful and proactive Mistress.

The Delicious Agony of Male Slave Chastity

locked_imageFor a slave that loves sex, male chastity has got to be the greatest form of bondage there is. Recently, Mistress and -s- discovered this world, along with the amazing people who live in it. Wonderfully sadistic women – dommes, girlfriends, wives, who enjoy absolute power by forbidding all forms of sexual relief for their men, usually by locking them up inside a device that prevents erections, masturbation and sex.

Some of these men spend weeks, and even months enduring the delicious agony of denial, and that is what it is. Agony. Every second of the day and most of the night. It combines so many amazing sensations and mindsets, primary among them being the knowledge that someone has locked up a man’s most treasured item, and is the sole possessor of the key.

Mistress, of course, loved this idea at first sight and placed -s- in chastity immediately.

Rather than purchasing a device such as the CB3000 (which -s- is genuinely interested in trying out), she has decreed the entire chastity be based on honor and trust. After all, -s- is already Her property and must obey all commands regardless.

-s- is never allowed to touch itself, and has been given no end date to its chastity. On the first try, -s- managed nine days before suffering a nighttime misfire. -s- finds it incredibly difficult to focus during the day; the pressure that builds up, hour after hour is immense. Not so much physical pressure as if something will get damaged, but certainly a sexual pressure of unreleased tension. For a slave that was lucky enough to get sex from its Owner every day, often more than once, to go a few days without any release at all is true agony.

But -s-‘s needs are unimportant. What is solely important is Mistress’s satisfaction, so -s- is still allowed to make love to Her, but must pull out before completion, and must never come. -s- is also allowed to service its Owner with its tongue and does so with great gratitude.

This is an incredible challenge, one of many that -s- must deal with in its position of servitude without limits.

Living everyday with no end date to the agony of chastity is the most exciting form of imprisonment it had ever endured.

If your cum leaves your body, you must put it back in

Mmmm! Good for you!

Mmmm! Good for you!

Mistress continues to find new and exciting ways to degrade Her slave. And why not? A slave is an animal, destined only to serve. In fact -s- is subordinate to the other animal of the house, a real dog, whom -s- must also serve by way of walking it and providing treats straight off -s-‘s own plate. Humiliation and punishment are simple tools to discourage bad behaviour such as thinking for oneself, performing chores inadequately, or breaking any of Mistress’s rules.

Mistress never allows -s- to sit at the table, unless vanilla company is present. It eats from a dog bowl on the floor, and must use its face only, unless the food is impossible to pick up, at which point -s- is allowed to use one hand – no utensils. For breakfast, -s- is hand-fed pieces of toast by Mistress. -s- of course sits at Her feet.

Mistress has become very interested in controlling every aspect of -s-‘s body. -s- must always ask to use the bathroom, and must leave the door open. -s- is allowed to shower every few days, and the water must be cold.

Recently Mistress decided that more control must be applied to when and how -s- ejaculates. She is expressing interest in enforced chastity, and reminds -s- that the cum it produces belongs to Her and must be dealt with as She wishes.

Today She decided that -s- was no longer worthy of depositing its seed within Her as -s- was a mere animal and had no right to violate Her beauty. She informed -s- today that before She locked him up into a condition of limitless enforced chastity, She would let it come one last time. -s- was delighted at this but was surprised when it was led in the kitchen on its leash, rather than the bedroom as it had expected.

Mistress commanded -s- to take out a small bowl, and place 2 teaspoons of porridge oats into it. She informed -s- that it was to ejaculate into the bowl, and then stir the fluid and the oats together. -s – did as commanded. It was then commanded to kneel. Mistress then proceeded to spoon-feed -s- the mixture. When she had fed -s- the entire mixture, She placed the bowl on the floor and commanded -s- to lick the bowl clean.

Such an activity was very difficult for this slave, given that the refractory period that occurs immediately after ejaculation is one in which kinky, dark thoughts often move away temporarily. -s- really did not want to eat its own seed in this fashion. it had to obey, and did, of course, but it was very difficult.

Mistress explained that this meal was symbolic of the fact that the era of chastity had begun. “Your cum belongs to me,” she said, “and I will not have it wasted or distributed. You are to keep all of it inside you, even if it means taking it out and putting it back in, as you just did. Your are no longer entitled to deposit your fluid with Me. You are an animal, and too far beneath My dignity for me to even acknowledge your production.”

So that’s it. -s- is already forbidden to roam. it has had its money taken away and Mistress tracks its cellphone whenever it runs an errand; -s- is not allowed to roam free online. All computers in Mistress’s house are password-protected. And now, its seed, too, is also denied the freedom to roam and must instead be re absorbed into the slave it came from.